The Limousines: A 100-Year-Old Tradition

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The staff in Palm Springs Limousines love the limousine and the privilege of serving clients who live in Palm Springs & surrounded by award-winning chauffeured limousine services. Laquinta limo Service have been in business since 2015. In this blog, we’d prefer to stay away from the issues we normally discuss on our blog. Today, we’ll explore the history of the limo and also share interesting facts about the limos that are so loved.

A Long History

The limousine is over 100 years old. It was first built in 1902, and the name was chosen since the driver was an individual compartment. The word “limousine” originates in its French area of Limousine where shepherds in the region wore covered hooded cloaks. The designers who created the first limousine believed that the vehicle was strikingly like. In 1916 the Society of Automotive Engineers set the standard for limousines in the year 1916 “a closed vehicle with a capacity of between three and five passengers.” The most popular automobile of the day was a limousine with the driver’s seat completely covered. The borough is a limo that did not have a roof over the driver’s seat.

Twenty years after the creation of the very first limousine, the stretched limousines were developed in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The main function of limousines in the past was to transport the biggest group’s top performers such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman and led being referred to as “big band buses. Since then, limos have been often associated with famous and wealthy and special occasions like weddings and birthdays, or Bachelor and bachelorette celebrations, as and for special evenings out with friends.

Types Of Limousines

There are numerous countries in which “limo” refers to a vehicle. term “limo” can be the name used to describe an automobile. For instance, in the U.S. the word “limo” is typically used for long-wheelbase cars that can seat more than five passengers and where the driver is situated in a separate space from his passengers in the vehicle. In light of this, it has been utilized to make distinctive limousines over the decades. Here are the primary types of limousines available today:


A classic limousine meets the above requirements and usually accommodates between 5 and 7 people. With the option of folding seats that face forward to the middle. This allows passengers to have more space. Limousines with seating capacity, also include bars, televisions, and refrigerators. Every U.S. president has ridden in the limousine since 1899 and famous individuals such as Elvis Presley have owned their limousines.

For more details on the various types of limousines, be sure to keep an eye out for the following installment in the blog series that will cover the history behind the limousine. We hope you’ve had fun learning some more details about the limousine, as well as its uniqueness.

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