10 Spots To Must Capture In your Camera at La Quinta Visit


If you’ve visited La Quinta, CA, but you don’t share a picture on Instagram is it actually happening? If you’re searching for the ideal way to record a perfect afternoon, some ideas to plan a day trip or make your feed more interesting We came up with a few ideas to help you do it.

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LQ Resort & Spa

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It is La Quinta Resort & Spa is a four-star property spread across the land of that has an incredible backdrop of the famous Santa Rosa Mountains. This 1920’s-era property has white casitas made of adobe and Spanish design furniture that will improve any feed. Visitors can enjoy endless flower beds under the sea of palm trees, and endless opportunities for the perfect photos. Are you looking for that ideal pool time? It’s here! La Quinta Resort has 41 pools that can be used to take photos that are seamless to give you the likes and shares you’re searching for. The hotel offers plenty of relaxing vacations filled with Insta worthy moments.


With a lively and vibrant artistic community, La Quinta is home to some of the most inexhaustibly multi-colored backdrops and are fantastic spots for tourists and locals alike. Here are a few of our favorite spots!

Hydra The mural was painted by John Cuevas. This mural is situated at junction between Avenida La Fonda and Main St and was an inspiration for the constellation Hydra that is the longest of all 88 modern constellations. It is visible during summer during the Coachella Valley. The mural is realistically painted to give the illusion of the figures create shadows.

Bloom The mural was designed in the hands of artist Nate Frizzell. The mural, which is situated on Fred Waring Dr. and Adams St., is an art form known as hyperrealism. It is a somber display of birds, flowers and the image of a woman, which Nate says is “anyone you want it to be”.

Volta It was designed in the hands of John Cuevas, this piece brought together literature, art along with nature, to make a piece that covers two large walls located on the outside inside the La Quinta Public Library. The mural displays the titles of a variety of books as well as an image that depicts the human brain.

Old Town La Quinta

Yes, it’s a downtown area however, it is a place with architectural details and charming village vibes that bring a smile to the look of your Instagram feed. The possibilities for Instagram-worthy moments are endless thanks to distinctive cafes, restaurants as well as boutiques and salons.

Roadrunner Statue

18 feet long and 12 feet high, The statue measures 18 feet long and 12 feet high. Roadrunner statue was constructed of metal plates created by designer Don Kennel for the Coachella music festival in 2014.

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The Insta worthy moment is not just a tribute to the legendary festival but also serves as the perfect backdrop by using the palm trees and desert landscape.

The Chateau at Lake La Quinta

The Chateau located at Lake La Quinta is a hidden treasure. The hotel’s 24 rooms offer stunning lake views breathtaking views, as well as spacious rooms. Dining on the lake is also a great way to get the perfect photo with a drink in hand.

Cove Trails, Cove Oasis, Cove Oasis Mountain

La Quinta is ready for visitors to explore. Who would not want to share photos of their adventures? The most popular destinations are Oasis Mountain, La Quinta Cove trails, Oasis, and Oasis Mountain. You will find beautiful trails for hiking, surrounded by stunning mountain views and unrivaled natural beauty.

Chula’s Artisan Eatery

Sometimes, a dining or meal experience is so wonderful that you need to commemorate it with the help of an Instagram post. This seasonal-inspired Hispanic menu is filled with dishes that are farm-to-table gorgeous in hues, which means you can expect a variety of high-quality and photogenic dishes.

Steps at the LQ Museum

The steps appear unassuming when you first come across them and they’re great for excellent photographs! This staircase is hidden in a corner, and you’re sure to take a decent picture without anyone on the other side.

PGA West

From sunup until sunset, PGA West is surrounded by a stunning panorama of the stunning Santa Rosa Mountain range, PGA WEST, and the championship golf courses. The property covers 22,000 acres and is truly bigger than life. From Hollywood’s top-known celebrities and presidents to many PGA TOUR pros, a lot of players have enjoyed the spectacular views and unforgettable moments that have been created at this course. Why not and snap a picture when you’re playing 18.

LQ Parks / La Quinta Park Fitness Court Mural

Beautiful views and picturesque photo-ops are waiting for you at any or the other 14 parks located in La Quinta. There are parks that have picnic tables, BBQ’s playgrounds, public art skating parks, walking trails, as well as water fountains. Take photos of the murals that are nearby in La Quinta Park Fitness Court. La Quinta Park Fitness Court and your friends will surely double tap in admiration.

Location The location is this link to see all parks located in La Quinta, CA.

Make sure you post your stories by sharing them with us via Instagram by tag us @Laquintalimoservice, and using the hashtag #PlayinLQ. Go to play in La Quinta for more activities and attractions in La Quinta, California.

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